A tumour is a lump or mass of tissue that is formed when cells divide uncontrollably. A tumour replaces healthy tissue with abnormal tissue and can weaken the bone causing it to break or fracture.

Tumour growth or behaviour will vary according to the type of tumour and depending on whether the tumour is non-cancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant).

Most bone tumours are benign. They tend to grow slowly and don’t usually tend to reoccur once removed by surgery. Benign tumours tend to stay non-cancerous except in rare cases. 

Femoral bone loss is a challenging problem in total hip arthroplasty, increasingly encountered due to a rise in the number of THA’s, being performed after periprosthetic (B3) fractures or tumor resection in the proximal femur. Endoprosthetic reconstruction with a proximal femoral replacement (PFR) prosthesis is an option for this subset of patients. PFR is often preferred in older and less active patients.

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