Knee Arthroplasty

Knee Arthroplasty, otherwise known as Total Knee Replacement, is a surgical procedure which replaces an arthritic knee joint with an artificial joint. The aim is to take away pain, restore function and preserve anatomy.

The surgery is usually recommended for older patients who suffer from pain and loss of function from arthritis and after other conservative methods of intervention have failed.

A typical knee replacement replaces the ends of the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) with a plastic prosthesis. The patella (knee cap) is usually replaced as well. The prosthesis replicates the knee’s natural ability to roll and glide smoothly as it bends.

Although the benefits of successful knee replacement surgery are excellent, you as the patient have a duty to care for your new artificial knee by avoiding movements that will stress or damage its components. If this care is taken, your efforts should be rewarded for years to come.

Please find below detailed information on the knee arthroplasty procedure, what can be expected pre-surgery, during surgery and the post-surgery recovery process.

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Total knee replacement