Dr. Aditya Khemka - Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai

MBBS, MS Orthopaedics, PhD Orthopaedics Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty (UK & Aus) Fellowship in Osseointegration (Aus)

Meet Dr. Aditya Khemka – Orthopedic Surgeon

MBBS, MS Orthopaedics, PhD Orthopaedics
Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty (UK & Aus)
Fellowship in Osseointegration (Aus)

Dr. Aditya Khemka is an Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai. He is specializing in Hip, Knee, Trauma & Osseointegration, with a special interest in Revision Arthroplasty (Joint Replacements).

Dr. Aditya Khemka is an Orthopedic Surgeon currently practising as a consultant in multiple Super Speciality hospitals all over Mumbai, India. He specializes in hip, knee, trauma and osseointegration surgery. He has a keen interest in Revision Hip and Knee Arthroplasty (Joint Replacements), especial Total/Partial Femur Replacements. He is also a research scholar of the University of Notre Dame, Australia. Dr. Khemka aims to maximize the number of patients, whose lives can be benefited through his areas of specialization in Orthopaedic Surgery.

Speciality of Dr Aditya Khemka – Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai

Knee Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery

Total Knee replacement is done using Computerised Navigation Technology, ACL reconstruction is done using Anatomy Preservation Technology by Dr. Aditya Khemka

Hip Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip is a unique joint that is constructed like a ball-and-socket. Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Aditya Khemka, has formal training from United Kingdom and Australia in primary and revision hip surgery. He has a special interest in Revision and Total/Sub Total Femoral Replacement Surgery.

ankle surgery

Other Surgery

Other common surgeries include Paediatric Surgeries (Growth Plate Injuries, Elbow Reconstruction, Medical Patello-femoral ligament reconstruction for dislocating patella – knee cap), Bi/Tri Malleolar Ankle Fractures, Elbow Repair, Compound Fractures.

Educational Video by Dr. Aditya Khemka


He is one of the few in the world and the first in India to provide our amputees with robotic artificial limbs using transcutaneous osseointegrated technology. This enables them to as able bodied as possible and restores the feeling in the limb, is designed to be as close to the human anatomy as possible.

Well Known orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai – Dr.Aditya khemka

Dr. Aditya Khemka is regarded justifiably as the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai. He has undergone extensive education to be able to offer the kind of treatment that he is reputed to provide to his clients. He took part in Indian Orthopaedic Training in 2009 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, KLE University, Belgaum in Karnataka. In 2012 he got his MS (Orth) degree from the university. After that, he has worked as a chief or senior registrar in several municipal hospitals in the capital city of Maharashtra such as KB Bandra Bhabha Hospital as well as the JJ Group of Hospitals.

He joined Global Hospitals in 2013 as a Senior Fellow. After that, he completed various steps of specialization to become the best orthopedic doctor in India

A one-stop solution to all orthopedic problems!

There are some good reasons why Dr. Khemka is regarded as the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai. He tries to make sure that the maximum patients enjoy a good life thanks to the services he can provide them with through his orthopedic surgery. Till now, he has assisted more than 1000 patients with his work. This includes a 6-month-old child as well as a war veteran from Great Britain, who had been victimized by a land mine while serving in Afghanistan. As a medical professional, he believes in doing the best for the patients.  

The best way for treating orthopedic problems!

As the best orthopedic doctor in India, Dr. Khemka follows an evidence-based methodology utilizing the latest technology and medicines to treat his patients. This makes sure that you can be sure of the optimal outcome when you are being treated by him. As far as his work goes, it does not really get any more respectful and compassionate for sure. He is a regular participant in medical research and education, also brings out scientific publications regularly. This is how he has achieved the levels of clinical and academic excellence that he has achieved. 

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Total/Partial Hip Joint Replacement,
Computerised Navigated Total/Partial Knee Replacement,
All Inside ACL Reconstruction,
Knee Arthroscopy/Key Hole Surgery and much more…


Frequently Asked Questions

What is orthopedics?

Orthopedics (alternatively, orthopedics) is a medical specialty focused on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions, disorders, and injuries of the muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. 

A doctor who specializes in this medical specialty is called an orthopedic (alternatively, orthopedic) surgeon or orthopedist.

What is an orthopedic doctor? What is an orthopedic surgeon?

An orthopedic doctor, also known as an orthopedist, is a medical doctor (MS) who specializes in the musculoskeletal system—bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.  

Orthopedic surgeons are specialized in the musculoskeletal system; many orthopedists specialize in certain areas of the body, such as foot and ankle, hand and wrist, back, or neck and spine. Additionally, orthopedic doctors may focus on a specific field of orthopedics, like pediatrics, sports medicine, and trauma. 

When to see orthopedic?

  • Pain in muscles, tendons, or joints that lasts for more than a few days.
  • Trouble while performing normal functions, such as walking up a flight of stairs or lifting or carrying relatively light items.
  • Joint pain that worsens during periods of rest.
  • Swelling or bruising around a specific joint or injury location.
  • Signs of infection, which include heat, inflammation, fever, or redness.
  • Joint deformity.

Will orthopaedic diagnostic tests hurt?

  • You may encounter some muscle inconvenience after the procedure.
  • Your doctor can recommend pain relievers to facilitate the uneasiness.
  • No special arrangements are needed for this test.
  • You should not take any pain relievers before or during that procedure.

How should I prepare for my orthopedic appointment?

  • Write Down Your Queries.
  • Keep a Record of Your Pain.
  • Bring Any Documents, Notes, and X-Rays from Other Doctors, A few days before your appointment.

Patients who had treatment from Dr Aditya Khemka consider him as Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai

(What they are saying?)

Thank you is a very small word for the help and treatment you have given to my grandma. You have gone out of your way to help us in the wee hours of the night. I have never seen a doctor do the way you have. They say if the doctor is humble, the patient recovers fast and you are the most humble person i have ever seen. Professional, humble, soft spoken and honest. Thank you from my entire family. GOD BLESS YOU.

Rekha PatelMumbai, India.

The Politeness of this doctor speaks everything. Too Good. Excellent. I got my father (Dhanji Gada) knee Replacement Surgery done by this Doctor.Very Professional, Renowned and Polite. Many people have recommended you as a good doctor, but I say that you are not only a great DR. but also a great human being and a fine gentleman. Actual recovery maybe in the hands of GOD but making a patient believe in recovery lies only in the hands of DR. like you. Yours caring attitude is exceptional. Your contribution in my father’s health is nothing short of magic. Thanks for all your support. Our entire family looks up to you for any medical advice and treatment. Thank you once again.

Sunil GadaMumbai, India

Before surgery I was unable to walk properly due to my twisting of knee. It was very difficult for me to walk but Dr. Aditya Khemka did my ACL reconstruction surgery perfectly. Dr. Aditya khemka is One of the best arthroscopic surgeon. I recently had a ACL reconstruction surgery In his guidance. He gave me confidence and motivation to go for a surgery. Very prompt & helpful Doctor with no any ego. Thanks sir for ur best & positive support. Thank U So Much Doctor.

Nilesh ShirgaonkarMumbai, India

The man with the Midas Touch!! So here goes - after consulting the so called famous doctors (without taking names) I was asked to get a surgery done for an elbow dislocation and a radial fracture and then i met Dr. Aditya Khemka. Extremely informative and pragmatic and some one who believes his patients to not undergo the knife unnecessarily. Here I am after a month of being treated with a cast which was removed just a while back and on the road to recovery. I can go on but just to sum it up, he is the DOCTOR/Surgeon/Ortho you have been looking for so long. I highly recommend Dr. Khemka.

BijoyMumbai, India.

Thanks for mending my wrist. After I had fractured my hand, I had a horrible interaction at another hospital, meeting Dr. Khemka was a refreshing change. Thank you once again.

Savio FernandezMumbai, India.

I met Dr Aditya Khemka when he was a part of the Osseointegration group of Australia team. He was a integral part of the group that pioneered the ground breaking surgery and advances in Osseointegration. I found him to be one of the nicest doctors that I have come across in my 16 years of being a amputee. He was always willing to listen to my problems and always spent time with me to make sure I was happy when I left the surgery. I having nothing but admiration for Dr Adi and would recommend anyone who is looking for a honest caring and compassionate Dr to make use of his services.

K CPerth,Western Australia.

I believe you are leaving us & heading off, I would just like to say thank you for all your care during my journey with my hip joint replacement. You are a very lovely young man and I have appreciated all your help.
Robert & I wish you every success & happiness in your career & life.
Congratulations Mr Consultant.

C DSydney,Australia.

Just to say a big thank you for doing such a good job on the surgery to my knee. You have done wonders with my knee as I don’t feel such severe pain that I did have before the surgery.

B NHull,United Kingdom.

Thank you for repairing my knee and giving me a new lease of life.

P SHull,United Kingdom.

Thanks for all you’ve done and making my time in theatre comfortable and relaxed therefore putting me at ease before my operation. You’ve done a brilliant job and I found you all so lovely and caring.

JTHull,United Kingdom.

Dr Aditya Khemka is one of the best and the most adroit surgeons of Mumbai apart from being a thorough professional.
My mother had an accident on 21 November 2019, wherein her ring finger of the dominant right hand got injured and she lost a part of the soft tissue exposing the bone. It was extremely bad and we area advised reconstruction surgery using VY flap.
However considering the hypertensive predisposition of my mother we decided against the intricate VY flap and went ahead with the surgery by Dr Aditya Khemka. This was a difficult case however, Dr Aditya was able to reconstruct the finger, retain the nail bed and restore the finger. Today roughly after 6 weeks of accident the finger is functional and normal.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr Aditya Khemka for timely advise and amazing surgery.

Rahul Shrimali2 January 2020

Dr Khemka is one of the best doctor for hip replacement in Mumbai, we have visited few other doctors as well but were not convinced for the surgery. He listens to the patient very well and explains the things in detail. Thank you Dr Khemka and team for your immense support throughout the surgery.

Rahila Muhimtule6 January 2020

One of the best Dr I have ever met. Apart from being a great doctor he is a great human being. The detail in which he explained the problem with my mother was unbelievable . When he suggested the surgery we were worried as to how a85 yrs old would take it. But faith in doctor made us go for it and what a success he made.
In the IIMs we have a trend of doctors joining for enhancing soft skills. Here was an ideal role model and faculty. Thank you doctor. We had thought GOD had stopped making doctors like you.

Yogesh Mariwala14 October 2019

After visiting 3 reputed orthopaedics I was recommended Dr Khemka and I have to admit he is one of the best doctors I`ve met. He is well experienced and breaks down the entire case for the patient, so that the patient is involved and informed about the diagnosis. He is accurate in his findings, very specific in his approach and above of very friendly and thus creates confidence in his patients

Elaine D`Souza31 July 2019

Dr Aditya Khemka, an extremely diligent doctor. He has been very patient with my untimely queries when it came to treating my father for his Bilateral Knee replacement. Made sure the patient was comfortable throughout the process and took utmost care. Much appreciate his concern post the surgery. Thank you for expertise!.

Kiran Narang25 July 2019

From the first visit Dr Khemka, we knew our mother was in good hands for her TKR(Total knee replacement). He patiently answered our questions and concerns specific to mom`s case, whenever we connected. He performed the surgeries with utmost care. Delighted to share that 2 months after the procedure, mom is up and back to her routine. Thanks to Dr Khemka.

Nikhil Lakhanpal1 September 2019

Dr Aditya Khemka gave us the right advice and is a very helpful doctor. I had fractured my right hand. The plaster was very good. It was a waterproof and very light it felt like there is no plaster. It is suitable for bathing and I am satisfied.

Asma Shaikh24 November 2019

Best ortho doctor in Mumbai will recommend to all. Dr Aditya Khemka is a soft spoken person he listens to your problems and suggest the best treatment to the patients, will give him all the stars for the treatment, behaviour and priorities given to the patient

Rukaiya Khan13 January 2019

Dr Aditya Khemka, one of the best spine surgeon. I recently had a slip disc surgery in his guidance. He gave me confidence and motivation to go for the surgery.
Thank you for your best and positive support.

Anas Ansari13 November 2019

Best Ortho doctor in Mumbai. Dr Aditya Khemka is a best orthopaedic surgeon and doctor…. He listens the query and the problems of patients and gives the best treatment and he puts all his efforts to recover the health of the patient.

Robert Wilson20 January 2019

Dr Aditya Khemka a good hearted person, a professional surgeon, approachable and most of all very understanding. His diagnosis of a certain ailment is detailed and he ensures his patients feel absolutely comfortable and at ease. My mum underwent a knee replacement surgery and all went on very smoothly (Pre and Post surgery). Dr Aditya is one who stands out mostly because of his caring nature towards his patients and ensures they are well taken care of. God bless you Dr Aditya for all the advice, comfort and ease provided to my mum.

Pearl Thorpe9 November 2019

I along with my mother had been to Dr Aditya Khemka to seek his guidance and expertise for my mothers back pain. She truly believes that unlike most doctors who simply attend to patients for very few minutes, Dr Aditya attentively and meticulously understands the grievance being faced by the patient, explains the cause and treatment on detail. This approach enhances the treatment plan. He offered the best, most practical and required treatment and she is completely perfect now. Great to see such amazing doctors associating with Hinduja Healthcare. Thanks so much!! We truly appreciate his valuable service.

Jasmine Chabria17 October 2019

Dr Aditya Khemka is not only a great Orthopedic doctor but also an extremely helpful one. My niece in Calcutta has hurt her arm which has a fracture history. As soon as I brought this to Dr Aditya's attention within minute he had a channel setup to bring in necessary reports and case history and prioritized the consultancy post recieving the reports. This prompt attention and care sets him apart and I highly recommend him.

Dherin Motwani Md Buzz n Go7 JUNE 2020

my knee was in disaster state totally 3 days back. I called up dr in a rush and over a call he heard my complaint. im following the excercises and advice given by Dr Khemka and inspite of increased work load i am able able to stand for longer hours. Im sure to recover soon with the regime he has given me. Thnx doc. Highly recommended for Orthopeadic issues.

Dr. Swapna PatkarClinical Psychologist Lilavati Hospital, 5th June, 2020

Dr Aditya Khemka recently did my mother's hip replacement surgery. We are more than happy with his professionalism and concern towards his patient's. My mother is walking comfortably in two months. Due to Covid 19 we couldn't visit him in the hospital so he obliged and visited us at home. Also he was continously checking on mom's health proactively on whatsapp. We would highly recommend him to anyone got seamless bone replacement surgeries

Nirvan Mehta19 May 2020

My mother experienced immense pain in the left thumb and had swelling in her hand because of which her movement was restricted. I immediately contacted Dr Aditya Khemka and within no time he responded. Because of the lockdown we had to do the consultation over the phone. Through photographs and by just describing the problem Dr. Khemka did the right diagnosis and suggested us the majors and medicines that needs to be taken. My mother immediately started feeling better with his treatment and there was great improvement in the movement of her hand. Dr. Khemka also followed up with me and made sure my mother was absolutely fine. This shows his dedication towards his patient and how knowledgeable he is in his field. He is also an extremely warm person which makes him very approachable. I would gladly recommend him to all and would like to thank him for his helping me in such difficult times.

Mitali ShirodkarMushmerry Chocolates, 16th April 2020

Dr Aditya Khemka had done my left knee Arthroscopy as there was a meniscus tear. After the surgery I am feeling much better than earlier, now am able to walk properly & the pain is also not there as compared to earlier. Thanks a lot and am grateful to get my treatment done by him.

Mayur Nivate8 January 2020

I had 2 patients calling me up one of whom was a dear friend, both had injuries which were not diagnosed. Not only did Dr.Khemka diagnose them over call but he made sure that an excellent report was made as to what they should be doing. Both the patients sent me messages later on that he’s an excellent and a very knowledgeable doctor and treated them with absolute ease on a video call which was so important due to the Covid. Thankyou Dr.Aditya Khemkha for your wonderful management!

Riya JagasiaPhysiotherapist

Best experience, best treatment, my father in law had to be operated during covid, Dr Khemka went out of ways to be helpful pre and also post surgery..we will always be thankful and highly recommend him...just posted a google review...thank you

Kiran Patel08 June 2020

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